18 April 2014

Loving the Natural Hair in Hellmann's Advert

Saw this Hellmann's Mayo advert online and now on TV. What I love about it is that on UK TV there is an array of natural textured African-Caribbean hairstyles on display and even being styled in a salon. Well done to the casting team.

Please note that I am not affiliated with Hellmann's in anyway!

03 April 2014

Lion King Australia Airplane Serenade

Imagine being on a plane and hearing the Lion King cast sing the iconic Circle of Life song. This is exactly what some were able to experience on a plane in Australia. I have still not seen this play at the theatre yet. I am so slacking.

31 March 2014

Revlon Foundation Review

I bought the Revlon PhotoReady foundation in Caramel during one of Boots 3for2 offers. I found that it was a bit light for me so I managed to get a darker shade from Ebay. I mix both to get a decent match. Alternatively I have also tried Revlon Colorstay which is a good match for me. These are okay foundations and worth the price. Below are pictures of the foundations so you can compare the shades side by side. If you have tried these please let me know.

30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing every Mum, Aunt, and Grandmas a lovely Mother's Day. Today is about celebrating motherhood. To all the single Fathers out there. This is not your day. Just hold tight a few more months and you will get that honourable mention you deserve. I just do not see why the sexes are hijacking each others celebratory days. Special mention however is given to the many childless women who shower children with loads of motherly love. Let us celebrate them along with the Mother's today. Stay Blessed x

22 March 2014

Channel 4 discussion with Dencia

Dencia defends her product and its name on Channel 4 news. She argues that her cream although named Whitenicious is not a bleaching agent but a spot treatment and blames the media for the image it has. Dencia actually on her social media outlets has thanked the media for mentioning her product. Before and after pictures of Dencia clearly show that she is an avid skin bleacher. Regardless of what she says, many who seek help with hyper pigmentation are not going to see her product and think that it helps to even out the skin tone. The image it portrays is of a pale ghost like lady promoting a product that places "white" skin at the top of its agenda.

14 March 2014

Vybz Kartel - Guilty

The verdict is in Dancehall Reggae artist Vybz Kartel aka Adidja Palmer has been found guilty of murder along with his co-accused. Throughout the trial text and blackberry messages were retrieved and read out which pointed to one of the most heinous crimes being committed. Although a body has never been found, the evidence suggested the body was disposed of as a way to cover up the truth.

Kartel's loyal fans have been demonstrating and chanting free"World Boss". Since the verdict was announced many have been divided over the verdict. Some have argued that the justice system is messed up. However many argue that finally they can see the justice system working the way it should be and that fame and fortune is not being held above justice. What are your thoughts?

04 March 2014

Lupita Nyong'o star is rising

Since her debut in the multi award winning film 12 Years a Slave, Lupita has captured many hearts. She was born in Mexico to a Kenyan family and subsequently lived in Kenya when her family moved back. Her portrayal of Patsy the slave girl whose master had an insatiable lust over her has won her critical acclaim across the globe.

The speeches she gives are amazing too. Not only is she well educated well loved she speaks sense and I enjoy hearing what she has to say. From loving the skin you are in to being a dreamer. Well done on your Oscar win and the many other accolades you have been blessed with.