23 October 2014

Rocking Purple Hair

I decided that I needed some purple hair in my life. Purple is my favourite colour after all so why not. It is the perfect colour for autumn and winter season. I did love the red hair I wore in the summer but I definitely prefer this purple look. It tends to look more purple in the light or close up. So it is kind of like Purple grape or black grape but with more purple. There are close ups in the video below.

15 October 2014

Myriam Sidibe Fights With Soap

Myriam Sidibe is a driving force behind Global Hand Washing Day. She aims to reduce diseases in children by encouraging good hand washing practices with a basic bar of soap. For some soap is a luxury whereas others its just there and neglected. Take a look at what she says it may just change your mind on how you see that bar of soap in your home.

10 October 2014

Black History Month UK

October has been Black history month in the UK since approximately 1987. In the earlier years it was simply individual councils acknowledging achievements by the Black community in the UK and abroad. It has grown over the years and continues today. 

You can read up on Black history in the UK from the following websites

Of course there are many many more resources out there and books too but these are a good place to start exploring the topic. You don't have to wait for specific time in the year to begin reading your history.

19 September 2014

Sheryl Underwood | Bruised But Not Broken

On The Talk, Sheryl Underwood revealed that she was in negotiations to join the Queens of Comedy tour to replace Mo'Nique who had went on to do the TV sitcom The Parkers. Upon dialling into a conference call early she over heard Sommore, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes talking about her. They discussed everything from her ability as a comedian to her appearance. As a result she declined the offer to join the tour. She never mentioned it to them nor did she allow it to impede her ability to work with some of the ladies in the future since that incident. 

Sheryl explains she was "bruised but not broken" by what they said. Look at where she is now. She chose not to let their words hinder her she simply moved on in forgiveness. Even more so she progressed and flourished in her career. Not going on that tour just may have been a blessing in disguise.

I was so amazed listening to this. Normally I would put this on my Faith And I blog but this message is so universal. You can choose to hold on to hurt and pain or you can move on. People are going to say what they want about you but you must not let them define you. Do not let anybody but God determine who you are and who you are to become. Watch the video below to get the full story.

16 September 2014

Lupita Nyong'o on Sesame Street

Lupita has become well known for her journey in self love. She previously spoke about the negative thoughts she had towards her deep chocolate brown skin until she saw model Alek Wek strutting down the catwalk. In this brief video Lupita and Elmo discuss the benefits of having skin and express how much they love their skin. I applaud Sesame street for encouraging self love. Remember their "I love my hair song". I just love that more mainstream avenues are joining the campaign for loving ourselves as we are.

01 September 2014

Why? The Truth About Jamaica

This is a poem by Kevaughn Ellis about the society issues in Jamaica that pose great questions. It is definitely something that can be applied here in the UK too. Words are definitely powerful.

31 August 2014

Parents of Ashya King Speak Out!

It has been on the news for the past few days that a young child was taken from hospital without the doctors consent. The news outlets were all notified and the parents were shown to be wanted on interpol the international police data base for criminals. The family have been found safe and well in Spain. They have released a video showing Ashya still receiving his feed through the machine. The video discusses the parents concern about the treatment their son received under NHS care and the alternative they asked for. The NHS are in the process of creating a centre that would enable such treatment but it will not be ready for a few years. The therapy is called Proton Beam Therapy

Please watch the below video to hear what the parents have to say. After all we have heard the doctors and the police speak on numerous occasions. This case reminds me of a mum who went to court because the cancer treatment her son received was so severe it left worst for wear according to his mum. The dad won a court battle to continue with the treatment with backing from the medical world. 

From the video it seems the parents did their own research and found a treatment that would be beneficial for their son and require different doctors to treat him. The doctors did not like what they heard and threaten to get a court order to remove the parents parental rights. If that is the case that is a huge concern and a very worrying scene that could have unfolded. I am praying Ashya gets well and that they can raise the money for the specialist treatment that the NHS does not yet offer.

The info box on Youtube asks that the whole video is watched in full so you can understand the parents perspective.