21 November 2014

Mother Fagan Needs Help!

I've come across this video on my FB timeline. It shows an old lady about 83 years old on her way home after gathering fire wood so that she could cook some fritters. She has run out of gas electric and her home is in disrepair. When it rains the house gets wet inside as the roof collapsed and there are no funds to fix it. She is ill and so is her husband. St Matthew and his wife Natalia see her in the street and give her some money to assist. Mother Fagan says she knows it was God who sent them and thanks God for the help. Upon further discussion they learn her situation is in need of further help and he promises to provide some basic things for her. If you can help contact St Matthew for more information.

Video description: 
This video will be bring you to tears..This lady cried in my arms...i have been thinking about her so much ever since and im about to take on a major project which is clean up her home and try to give her a bed to sleep on..she needs a bed..her roof is full of rats..when rain falls she sleep on her neighbors porch..she lives with her husband which is 85 and she is 83...watch and ask how you can Join me in HELPING HER..PLZ SHARE THIS..To donate u can use PAYPAL and find me at readyback@gmail.com...or jus email me at readyback@gmail..com...call me @ 1 876 399 0540 or inbox me here for Updates and follow up.
St Matthew can also be found on Facebook.com/Readyback.

Please note I am not affiliated in anyway but simply saw this video and felt compelled to share it with whoever reads my blogs. So please do your own research should you choose to donate. His contact details are above.

15 November 2014

Buskers and Dinosaurs Natural History Museum

I took my boys to the Natural History Museum during the school half term. It was mainly to see the dinosaurs which I think is the main attraction. We did explore the other stuff on show. Outside was a few buskers one of which was dressed as Sherlock Holmes making bubbles. The randomness you only get in a big city which is my home town.

Take a look at my video montage below showing the buskers followed by a picture slideshow. 

African and Caribbean War Memorial Unveiled

The African and Caribbean War Memorial was unveiled this week outside the Black Cultural Archives in Windrush Square, Brixton, South London. It is a long overdue commemoration to the war dead and veterans of the African and Caribbean countries who also laid down their lives for the good of the world.

Interestingly I accompanied my eldest son's class on a visit to a local church that also has a war memorial. This was preceded by an assembly where the kids discussed the war and spoke with veterans about the wars of the past and today. It just shows how many lives were affected by the wars of the past and still are today. During the assembly a teacher who was once part of the army made note of the contributions of men and women from the commonwealth and the colonies.  

11 November 2014

D.I.Y. Nails

I bought myself some false nails to do at home. They are often called press on nails or full cover nails and do not require an acrylic or gel overlay. In the video I share both an acrylic kit and full cover press on nail kit. Very affordable and keeps me frugal. 

10 November 2014

African & Caribbean War Memorial to be Unveiled

This year marks the 100th year anniversary of the two World Wars of the Western powers. Many soldiers from the commonwealth and the colonies, laid down their lives for the same cause out of respect for their ruling countries. 

On November 11th, 2014 at Windrush Square near the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, London there will be a commemorative silence at 11:11am followed by the unveiling of an African and Caribbean War Memorial honouring those who laid down their lives to help Britain's war effort.

To read more click here

23 October 2014

Rocking Purple Hair

I decided that I needed some purple hair in my life. Purple is my favourite colour after all so why not. It is the perfect colour for autumn and winter season. I did love the red hair I wore in the summer but I definitely prefer this purple look. It tends to look more purple in the light or close up. So it is kind of like Purple grape or black grape but with more purple. There are close ups in the video below.

15 October 2014

Myriam Sidibe Fights With Soap

Myriam Sidibe is a driving force behind Global Hand Washing Day. She aims to reduce diseases in children by encouraging good hand washing practices with a basic bar of soap. For some soap is a luxury whereas others its just there and neglected. Take a look at what she says it may just change your mind on how you see that bar of soap in your home.